Para: Two Is Better Than One


Kurt slipped off his shirt, folding it and placing it on another vacant chair in the room. “Alright,” he smiled. 

As Blaine’s fingers brushed over his shoulder and lower back, Kurt inhaled sharply. He hoped the other man didn’t notice his breath changing at the touch. “So, how about you?” he asked, hesitantly, “What do you do, I mean? Like outside of work.”

It was like he last time Kurt had been there,. Blaine enjoyed the feeling of Kurt’s warm skin through the rubber gloves, and he caught himself wondering what the smooth skin would feel like against his lips. He knew he was probably caressing Kurt’s shoulder and back a little more than necessary, but he excused himself that it was to calm Kurt down.

After a while of the sound of the needle filling the room, Blaine had to change ink, so he shut the machine off and dried Kurt’s shoulder over with a paper towel.

"Do you want anything?" Blaine asked as he slipped off the gloves and ran his fingers through his hair. He needed a drink himself, and he flipped the music to a soft rock radio channel.

"Are you okay?" He suddenly heard himself ask. He had no idea why he would do that. It wasn’t like they were friends or anything. It wasn’t any of his business. But he was worried. "You seem kind of… I don’t know. There’s something about you," Blaine mumbled and looked down.

Para: Two Is Better Than One


"You have a point, I guess," Kurt said with a small smile. He was trying really hard not to blush around Blaine. He didn’t want to embarrass himself. Sometimes he forgets that Blaine isn’t used to his self deprecating comments. 

He watched Blaine walk around the room and wash his hands. “Yeah, I’m sure,” Kurt said confidently. He was in love with the sketch. It represented his mother perfectly. Smiling, he followed Blaine to the tattoo room. 

Grinning, Blaine pointed to the chair in the middle of the room. “Shirt off and get on the chair. Front to the backrest,” he instructed as he sat down to start getting his instruments ready. 

He watched as Kurt stripped his shirt off, smiling to himself. When Kurt finally had his shirt away, Blaine got to his feet and looked over the tattoo. “It’s healing really nicely,” he smiled and ran his index finger over the lines bleeding into Kurt’s skin. He pressed his naked hand softly to the lower of Kurt’s back before he returned to his chair. He pulled on ap air of gloves and looked over the drawing one last time before he was all ready to get to work, his eyes locked on Kurt.

Para: Two Is Better Than One


Kurt beamed back at Blaine, nodding. For a brief moment he wondered how Blaine new so much about NYADA, but he chalked it up to the fact that NYADA was a well known school. It wasn’t exactly a small community college.

"That sounds good," he agreed. He shifted on the couch, waiting for Blaine to return and thinking about the night ahead. Kurt felt the excitement building in his stomach. It was a purely professional encounter, but he couldn’t help the nervous joy that filled his stomach at the thought of getting to know Blaine a little better. 

It was nice to see Kurt smile, and Blaine was a little happy that he was the one to make him. He nudged his shoulder against Kurt’s and grinned at him. “Believe what you have. If you don’t believe in it, then how are you expecting someone else to?” He pointed out.

After Blaine had washed his hands he returned to the room. He went to the drawing table to find the sketch he had made when Kurt was there the last time. Taking another look at the colors and shadows he flashed the paper to Kurt. “Still sure this is how you want it to look?” He asked. “It’s now or never,” he smiled and nodded for Kurt to follow him to the tattoo room.

Para: Two Is Better Than One


Kurt smiled brightly, blushing. “I guess you’re right,” he said. He gently brushed his hands over his forearms nervously. Kurt shifted in his seat, not sure what to do next.

"Okay, that sounds fine," Kurt said with a small smile. He was happy that more time would be spent with Blaine today. The lily’s final result was sure to be beautiful.

Kurt took one last look at his phone and slid it in the pocket of his jeans. “Just tell me what you need me to do and where you need me to go, okay?” he said, smiling at the other man. 

Couldn’t help smiling at Kurt’s light blush. “They really don’t let people in just ofrom the street. It takes a hell of talent to get in there. Tibideaux is a wolverine,” he grinned, hoping he could kick just a little confidence into the boy.

Blaine watched as Kurt put his phone away, for a moment rather impressed he could fit anything into those pockets. He nodded and drew a breath from his cigarette before exhaling to let a cloud hover over the coffee table for a moment. “Well, we’ll just take it little by little, alright? I don’t wanna stress out your skin more than necessary,” he said and butted the cigarette in the ashtray on the table.

He got to his feet and grabbed the bowl from his food and his empty coffee mug. “I’m just gonna put this away, and I’ll be right with you,” he smiled at Kurt before heading for the kitchen. So, thwas it, he was going to spend the evening with Kurt. Well, it was work. Of course it was work. But Kurt would still be hanging around for a few hours.

Para: Two Is Better Than One


Kurt noticed Blaine’s hesitation after he heard that Kurt went to NYADA. He wondered what that was about for a brief moment but decided not to ask. “I’m majoring in Musical Theatre,” He said. Blushing and continuing to look down, Kurt smiled. ”I’ve been going to auditions for small shows, but nothing has come of it yet. So, I must not be that good,” he finished. 

He looked up, beaming at Blaine. “Yeah, it would,” he said softly. 

Nodding, Blaine listened to Kurt talked about his school. He could easily imagine Kurt on a stage somewhere, singing a brilliant showstopper or a heartfelt ballad. “Well, stuff like that doesn’t just drop into your lap,” aine shrugged. “If you’re in NYADA you’re good. They don’t let people in if they aren’t good,” he pointed out. “You probably just need to stick to it. And if you’re a freshman, you have some time to learn and educate yourself about the inside of the business,” he said.

It had been a long time since he had discussed those kind of things with anyone. Since he had even thought about musical theater. To be honest, he did his best to avoid it. Ignore the billboards and the marquees around the city. It was a closed chapter of his life.

"Well, there’s still more to do. This round is gonna take much more than the last time," he told, hoping Kurt wouldn’t back out. He was excited to see the final result, not to mention that he was happy having Kurt back in the shop.

Para: Two Is Better Than One


"I’m a freshmen at NYADA. I actually just moved to New York this summer," Kurt said, smiling. It was always a bittersweet feeling talking about his transition to the Big Apple. He loved it there, but he still ached from the loss of his mother and he missed his dad terribly. 

He sighed, making himself comfortable. “It’s been good. I haven’t had any problems with it. It’s been really itchy but I didn’t scratch!” Kurt reassured, smiling. He folded his hands in his lap and continued, “No, I don’t mind. It doesn’t really bother me.” 

At the new information Blaine stared at him for a moment. Yeah, he knew about NYADA. He definitely did. “Oh… that’s cool. What are you aiming at?” He asked, staring into the coffee for a moment. “I hear it’s a cool place,” he mumbled. “I bet you’re good then.”

When Kurt emphasized that he hadn’t scratched it, Blaine couldn’t help chuckling. “That’s good. I’m proud of you,” he teased. “It would have been sad to see something so beautiful be ruined,” he said with a nod. Putting the filter in his mouth, Blaine turned on his cigarette. He did his best to keep it away from Kurt, to make sure he wouldn’t get the smoke in his face. 

Para: Two Is Better Than One


"Thank you," Kurt said, taking a water from the fridge as he made himself comfortable. He hoped he wasn’t being rude, but it seemed easy to fall into place with Blaine. 

"That’s good. I’ve been busy with school. And, uh, that’s pretty much it," Kurt said, nervously. He realized how dull he sounded, but he honestly didn’t expect the question. "I’ve been good, though, " He finished. 

Shrugging off his coat, he took a small sip of the water and placed it on the table. He looked around nervously, keeping his eyes trained on his lap, not sure what to say next. He really hadn’t thought about where to take the conversation. He just wanted to talk to Blaine more.

Blaine smiled as he watched Kurt get a bottle of water from the fridge, and sat back down on the couch. He took a mouthful of his coffee and leaned back himself. He knew he had to go and finish up Kurt’s tattoo, but he really wanted to drag it out as long as he could.

"What uhm… What school do you go to? If you don’t mind me asking," Blaine requested, not really sure what counted as smalltalk, and what was borderline creepy. So far, he just wanted to chat and stay casual.

"That’s nice," he mumbled, unable to stop staring as Kurt peeled off his jacket. Just like the last time, he seemed completely put together, and he oozed of style and sophistication.

"How has the sketch been? Have you had any problems?" Blaine asked and took another mouthful of coffee. "Do you mind if I smoke?" He asked and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Sure, it was his shop, but he didn’t want to make Kurt uncomfortable, if he didn’t like smoking.

Para: Two Is Better Than One


"No, no, of course not. I’m good. Thank you, " Kurt smiled. He reached his hand out awkwardly to shake Blaine’s hand. He was unsure of what to do. He thought a hug might be too much and doing nothing would be rude. Kurt  inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself. He had spent the last two weeks pushing down flutters of anxiousness about this appointment. 

Being excited to see Blaine had felt weird to Kurt. Blaine was practically a stranger. They had only met once and it had been for professional reasons. Kurt knew he felt something, though. So, he let the excitement build. 

Kurt walked into the shop, noting that it was much cleaner than before.  He took a seat on the opposite end of the couch that Blaine was sitting on. Busying himself on his phone, he tried to look casual while the other man finished eating. 

"So, how have you been?" Kurt asked, once it looked like Blaine was almost done eating. 

Blaine shook his head and let his feet slid down from the table. “There’s soda and water in the fridge if you want some,” he said with a shrug. When Kurt reached out his hand for a shake, Blaine stared at it oddly for a moment, but then shrugged and shook his hand.

For some reason the entire scene felt very odd to Blaine. It wasn’t like hanging out with a friend, but it wasn’t like sitting with a customer either. There was something there that he couldn’t pinpoint, but he wanted to explore the feeling, to figure out what it was.

"Me?" He asked, needing a little moment to comprehend that the boy was offering smalltalk that didn’t involve tattoos. "Uhm… I’ve been cool. Cool. Nothing big going on. Just you know… work and stuff," he shrugged as he put down the bowl after he had emptied it for noodles. "Uh, how have you been?" He asked in return, and found that he really wanted to know, and he hoped it was good.

Para: Two Is Better Than One


Kurt stepped inside the store about forty five minutes before the scheduled appointment time. He had walked past the building about ten times before deciding he might as well go in. He didn’t want to seem too eager, but he was excited. Not only to see Blaine again, but about his tattoo. 

"Hi, again," Kurt said, smiling. He quickly realized that he had interrupted Blaine. Darn it, I wish I had just waited, Kurt thought to himself. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were eating. I can just go or wait outside,” he said quickly. 

Blaine was too caught up in his own thoughts to hear the doorbell. Actually, he didn’t notice he wasn’t alone until the boy was actually standing there, staring at him with noodles half out of his mouth and his feet on the table. Hurrying to swallow the food he grabbed the remote to the stereo so he could turn down the volume of the Alice Cooper blasting out of the speakers.

"Hey, no. Sit down. I just need to get some food and I’m ready for you," he rushed to assure Kurt. "Do you want anything?" He asked, looking a bit around himself as he was standing anyway.

Yeah, now he could feel it again. The something that was surrounding Kurt. The air that made Blaine feel like he needed to spend time with him, get to know him, and who he was.